What Can I Claim For?

As experts in motorbike claims we understand that you may be unfairly blamed for an accident that wasn’t your fault. We also appreciate that accident can occur when there is no contact with another vehicle.

Our years of expertise mean that we know exactly how to deal with these types of accident on your behalf securing the correct amount of compensation for you in the process.

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Road Traffic Accidents

Sometimes even the most experienced riders have accidents. Our knowledgeable staff understand the terminology and complexities that can go with motorbike claims so you won’t have to spend time explaining what parts of your bike have been damaged and how an accident has occurred.

Non-Contact RTA Accidents

If other road users have forced you to swerve or take avoiding action, even though you haven’t been hit, this can result in you coming off your bike and suffering an injury. We will be able to give you advice on whether you are entitled to make a claim.

Potholes & Defects

Potholes are some of the most common causes of motorbike accidents in the UK. As the roads in the UK are not perfect, potholes and defects in the road do knock bikers off course and sometimes off their motorbikes. If this happens to you we can provide you with expert advice on how to make a claim.

Diesel & Oil Spills

There is a misconception that you cannot make a claim if you come off your motorbike as a result of a diesel or oil spill. This is not always true and we can provide expert advice on whether you can, in fact, make a claim.

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